Culinary Influences

  Looking to satisfy your cravings for different cultural flavors all in one place? Look no further than Born and Braised! We have plenty of Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan options. We use only Wild Game Meats sourced from a Local Ranch.

  The kitchen is equipped with High Heat Chinese WOK stations offering multiple fire roasted Vegetarian options. <3 

  Because we cook LARGE amounts of Venison Chili or Wild Boar in the mornings, we serve a LATE NIGHT MENU at Sagebrush; Located on SoCo in the Heart of the Music Capital of the World, Austin.


Here at Born and Braised, we focus on hand selecting fresh produce as well as utilizing preservation techniques. House pickled vegetables have become an instant favorite among the Austin regulars. A very popular sweet Pickling recipe including Orange and Juniper Berry is used for a variety of vegetables. A fresh and exciting perk to many of the dishes.


At our Food Trailer, we offer a variety of delicious foods inspired by cultures all around the world. Our rotating menu can include Mediterranean, Mexican, German, Vietnamese and American cuisines. French/Italian/Chinese cooking techniques are very common. 

From a fresh Mediterranean salad, the classic Texas Texas Caviar, or other Vegetarian options can include fresh local cheeses, nuts, and always fresh herbs. 

Mexican/American dishes like our Pulled Pork Torta, Street Corn,or the Venison Frito Pie quickly became a menu staple. 

Our Vietnamese influenced Venison Banh Mi includes  pork free sausage and a traditional antelope Pate.  

Try our German style Venison Bratwurst with house pickled kraut if you're looking for a stronger but still mild game flavor. The House pickled Kraut adds a sweet and deliteful krunch with a lite tang.


  Here, we love using flavorful wine and local beer as the flavoring liquid during this long cooking process called "Braising". Many ingredients are added, including our favorite from the native Mexican culture, smoked Poblano Peppers. This Mexican classic called the Ancho adds A Sweet and smokey flavor. We start early in the day which is why we cater to a Late Night Menu.

  We believe that food is the perfect way to experience different cultures and bring people together. That's why we're committed to providing a diverse range of high-quality foods always with a unique twist using native ingredients.

  So whether you're looking for a quick snack or a full meal, come and explore the delicious flavors of our multi-cultural inspired cuisine. We can't wait to share our love of food with you!